We know there are a lot of young people out there struggling to find a job, especially a job that they really want. The best first step you can make to getting that job is to come in to our job shop to see the job adverts and chat to one of our qualified careers advisors but if you want some tips before then, here are some things to consider.

Focus on what it is you would like to do, once you have decided this you need to think about a few things:

  • Does your CV highlight the qualifications, skills, experience and references that show you are right for this kind of work? If not perhaps you just need to reorder or rewrite parts of your CV to reflect this.
  • Perhaps by looking at your CV you have realised you don’t have much experience in this area of work. If this is the case look for volunteering or work experience opportunities. To do this you may need to phone or contact companies or organisations to offer your help. Quite often people are more than happy to have an extra pair of hands for free for a while and it may actually open doors to work in those places, but if not you have got more experience and a reference in that area of work.
  • Once your CV is rewritten ask someone to proof read it for you and send it out with a covering letter briefly telling them who you are and why you would like to work for them (be flattering but not over the top).
  • Once you have sent your CV out don’t just sit back and wait, keep volunteering and actively looking for jobs, you will come across much better at interview, once you get one, if they can see you have continued to be motivated and have done more since sending your CV out.
  • When you get that interview make sure you practice your interview skills at our Job Shop before you go and look smart!

Post byEllie

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