If you are a parent under the age of 21 and would like to meet other young parents then please come along to our group that runs weekly. We understand that you may have different needs and experiences to slightly older parents and would like to chat to others in a similar position to you. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for your children to socialise with other children in a fun and safe environment, where we provide a range of toys and activities for them to try.

We work closely with other professionals such as Health Visitors, Play Workers and Preschools, so if you need to chat to them we can arrange for them to come to the group too.

Obviously there are drinks and biscuits on hand as we know it’s unlikely you get a moment to sit down and enjoy those at home with a little one keeping you on your toes! We have had parents¬†move on from this group in the past having made some great friends here that they will stay in touch with for years to come, so why not give it a try.