I’ve been a Youth Worker since volunteering at school and college, I opened up Youthy in 2010 and our numbers have been steadily increasing since then.

Since then it’s all been about growing the team and getting young people involved in a real way.

I am a Nationally Qualified Youth Worker with an FdA in Youth Work. I became very passionate about engaging young people in decision making while undertaking this qualification and this still shows through my work. The young people are involved in a lot of the decision making at Youthy so it is a club for them, run by them.

I get involved in all of the projects at Youthy, working face to face with the young people, as well as taking time to fundraise and manage the centre. I’m also keen to work with other agencies and bodies in the community and welcome being invited to networking events to identify how we could work well together. I really believe the whole community and especially the young people benefit from this joint working approach. I truly believe in the old addage, “It takes a whole village to raise a child”.